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claiming in the name of

Hello and welcome to my life.

This is Koo Junhoe of iKON - first and favorite maknae, vocalist extraordinaire, and apparent evil brat king. Though I'm kidding about the evil. I'm quite a delight despite what the hyungdeul might say. Anyway, that's all you need to know about me for now since I'm sure you've been kept up to date by the hyungdeul on all our doings and possible debut next month. Ways to contact me: twitter (@junxxe) or my messaging (limited.editions).
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Not evil, huh?
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Looks can be deceiving~
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I really relate to this picture. I understand this struggle.
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I ignore them. Or just go with it. Whichever seems like less of a hassle at the time.
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Still as concise as ever :]
Welcome back, June.
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I know you do~
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How long have I known you now?
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Should I spam you? Are you actually going to reply?
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Anyway, glad you're here ^^
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Please do this dance to commemorate your return.
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Your life looks pretty awesome, pikajune
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I'm sad you didn't use the ugly face one with Bobby looking fly
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Excellent choice of photo. Good to have you back bro
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You are not a delight
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You are our PikaJune,hehe. Electrifying!
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What handsome kids, especially the middle one.