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4th-Aug-2015 10:32 am claiming in the name of
junhoe: (pic#9138007)

Hello and welcome to my life.

This is Koo Junhoe of iKON - first and favorite maknae, vocalist extraordinaire, and apparent evil brat king. Though I'm kidding about the evil. I'm quite a delight despite what the hyungdeul might say. Anyway, that's all you need to know about me for now since I'm sure you've been kept up to date by the hyungdeul on all our doings and possible debut next month. Ways to contact me: twitter (@junxxe) or my messaging (limited.editions).
3rd-Aug-2015 06:23 pm Lets play a game!
turntup: (Default)

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In this intro, I will be introducing you to..

a. Kim Jiwon
b. Bobby
c. a bunny
d. poohbobs
e. a turkey sandwich with bacon
f. lil jon

Please answer the question once you have read all of the facts below for a better chance at winning. In two days, five winners will be chosen and contacted with a special surprise in which no hints will be given for. Please answer wisely!

¤ "Name"
¤ 95' Line (get at me!)
¤ Rapper line in Ikon
¤ SMTM3 Champ
¤ Lettuce
¤ Mood maker
¤ Stuffed animal collection
¤ Is yellow
¤ English
¤ Bromantic
¤ Plays guitar, drums, and piano
¤ Hops
¤ Is not suspicious

Again, please choose your answer wisely as you will not be given a second chance. As an added bonus, explain why you choose your answer for the chance of winning a prize upgrade! Answers should be submitted below in the comment section of this post with:

1. Your Name
2. Occupation
3. Contact information

Restrictions: Ikon. Song Mino.

However, if you choose not to play, leave me some contact info to reach you on, or you can reach me through text via #southern enemy. For you tweet addicts - @blackoutlets

Peace out and turn up!~ aha
14th-May-2015 12:49 pm iKONic CLAIM OF THE YEAR
junhoe: (pic#9138005)
The name is Koo Junhoe, but oftentimes you'll see other variations of my name, such as: Junho, Junhwae, Junhwe, Junae, or June. The hyungdeul usually stick with June and that's fine by me. I'm the first and best maknae these guys have ever had, sorry Ddong and Chan, because I make things go;

ㅋㅋㅋ My ego is this big, the guys will testify to it! But I'm only joking~ ^^ I'm a real peach and a great conversationalist. I'm more of a text messaging guy since I really do forget twitter a lot. You can reach me at limited.editions for all your chatting purposes and needs; titankings on twitter for updates about how much I love my hyungdeul and the woes of being one of the youngest; and junhwe on we heart it for... pictures I like. Or something. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

More about me: lead and power vocalist in iKON, tallest member (even if Bin hyung claims he's my height), most stubborn, sassiest, 97-line, I like astrology and watching documentaries. ^^

I think Jinhwan hyung did a good job at introducing us? (Did he introduce us?) But either way, please continue supporting and loving iKON as we get closer to our debut! We promise not to let you down~ Now I have to go, hyungdeul are rushing me. Peace out!
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