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a dumb dumb claim~? ㅋ

I guess I will do this first~ Red Velvet's Joy, reporting for duty! ㅋ What to say? My real name is Park Sooyoung. I'm the green member of the group. ㅋㅋ Our newest song is Dumb Dumb! I hope everyone enjoys it. ^/)^ It has been a lot of fun promoting so far! I like to eat and watch movies... ㅋㅋㅋ I like all kinds of food, but chicken might be my favorite. I used to be the maknae of the group but I have since been promoted, however I am still the tallest member! I'm also temporarily a married woman. ㅋㅋ I have listed my sns information below so please add me and let's talk soon! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone! Please watch over me well~ ♡

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Look who it is~! Welcome ^~^
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I'm good!! I hope you are too! n~n
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Hey welcome :') Have you enjoyed the married life?

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Joy-ssi! Welcome around! I love the new song~ it's incredibly catchy! ^_^

What's it like being married? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I've watched a couple of episodes, and you and Sungjae have such good chemistry!
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Being married to Sungjae must be such a... blast. ㅎ

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Sooyoungie!!! <(^~^)>

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Hello, hello! ^.^

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Hey, Joy-sshi! Chicken is a good choice, can't imagine life without it.

Which kind of green out of all the greens is your favorite green?

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Welcome, Sooyoung-sshi! Do you have any recent favourite movies?
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Sorry for being so late in welcoming you! Hopefully not too late to say hello...
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Probably should have commented here much sooner...

If you want coffee today let me know~