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This has been something that's been on my mind for a while. Being idols there's always one commodity that we never really get enough of. Time. Whether its time for rest, to see our family and friends, or even to spend with a significant other there is just never enough time in the day for it all. So my question is, if you had extra time how would you spend it? I'm not too sure how I would use it myself to be honest.
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Writing more music. Practicing instruments. (laugh) To be honest my free time wouldn't look much different from how I'm spending my days now.
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I would like enough extra time to visit another country! Haha... too long? Is that allowed in the hypothetical situation?
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I'd probably use it to rest or to play with friends.
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I would spend a bit of time on myself, reading or learning something new, or even something as simple as going for a walk with Coco. Anything to get away from the constant busy-ness, if that makes sense! What about you, Chen-ssi?
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Hm, for me it depends on when I have the extra time. If I have extra time that coincides with all my friends and/or family's extra time, then I would definitely go on big group vacations! It's always more fun to travel with friends ^~^

If it's just my own time, I would honestly probably still spend it working, but in an auxiliary way. Right now, when I find extra time, I spend it learning languages and writing songs. Not necessarily writing the songs to preform, or learning the languages to release things overseas, but just for my own satisfaction. ^~^

Oh, and dramas/movies. But, I always make time for dramas and movies even if I don't have much... kekeke
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I have had lots of spare time in my days~ kekekeke ^~^ Movies with others are so much fun! ^~^ I hope you can see them soon!
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Sleeping. Or eating. But that's all I do in my free time anyway so I don't know what else I would do if I suddenly had MORE of it... o~o
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okay *~* let's go
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More sleep. Promotions are tough.
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I really want a beer. And to pet my dogs. Maybe be away from humans for a while. I have a lot of "free" time away from my real work but it's not all that free. Obviously~ My first vacation has already been claimed by my friend Hojun... aigoo...
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Maybe I will have a little more access to a desktop for a little bit... Can't wait until vacation ☆ Hope I get to see you. Remember to rest, mm? No working too hard!